Issue_02_Computer_Camp Table of Contents

Issue_02 is now available for purchase in stores and via  the Internet.


FAQNP Issue_02_Computer_Camp

Queer Computing: An Introduction

An FAQNP Interview

Early Interactive Books

Boll Weevils

Future Boyfriend, Halloween ’93

My Adventures in Computer Camp

Cruising Online: A Personal History

FAQNP Survey Results

Fantasy Role Play Part I: The Limestone Mouse

Fantasy Role Play Part IIe: Random Access Mystery

Mi Atari

Space Camp

What Made Me a Nerd Is Now Cool, Case #23: Crystal Castles


Glossary: A Very Brief Primer on Early Personal Computing and the Early Internet

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Poll: First Gaming System

My first gaming system was made by:

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Atari Personal Computer Concepts

Image 01
Image 02

Image 03

Beautiful never produced concepts of Atari personal computers which were designed by a former industrial designer, Regan Cheng.

Find more images at  ColorCublic via the Atari Museum.

(Thanks John.)

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Issue 2 Computer Camp

Thanks for the support with Issue 01, and your patience while we were working on Issue 02. The theme for the new issue is Computer Camp, and our writers are  sharing memories and experiences about early personal computing and the early Internet.

Join us at the NY Art Book Fair 2010 this weekend and check out Issue 02.

Over 200 other exhibitors will be at this year’s event. It’s run by the fine folks at Printer Matter and is always a good time.


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NY Art Book Fair


It’s been quiet here, but we’re busy working on Issue 2.
We very excited to be releasing it in conjunction with our participation at the NY Art Book Fair 2010.

The fair will be held at MOMA PS 1, from November 5-7.

Please stop by and say hello.

If you came here from the NY Art Book Fair site, you may also be interested in our Facebook and Twitter presence.


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Summer Reading 001

The Annotated Turing: A Guided Tour Through Alan Turing’s Historic Paper on Computability and the Turing Machine
Charles Petzold

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Kevin Lembo: queer nerd to look up to

Kevin Lembo highlights his nerdom is a campaign ad for Connecticut Comptroller, which included cut-out nerd glasses. More importantly, he comes highly qualified for the job, having worked under the current comptroller, Nancy S Wyman for seven years, of which four were as assistant comptroller. Lembo also was the state’s first health care advocate, making him a gay nerd role model for all.

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Triple Nerd Score: FAQNP gear

Great find by Erich for word nerds.

Buy it from Busted Tees.

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Poll: Text editors

My UNIX editor of choice is:

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FAQNP Issue_01 Launch

Photo credit: Erich Nagler

Thanks to all for making a effort and showing up to help us launch the first issue of FAQNP. Great queer + nerdy times!

See the all photos in Flickr or Facebook.

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